the NYT pieces on Veli Saçılık and on the Justice March (the 19th day)

The Guardian – Kareem Shaheen – Jul 2, 10:15 AM

A one-armed man who became a symbol of opposition to escalating repression in Turkey has said a government investigation has been opened against him. Veli Saçılık, who was in November fired by decree from his job as a


New York Times – Patrick Kingsley – Jul 2, 7:53 AM

ON HIGHWAY E-5, Turkey — Next to a busy road in an uncelebrated part of northern Anatolia, Aykut Erdogdu, a Turkish lawmaker, nursed his bandaged, blistered foot. Beside him, another Turkish lawmaker tended to a bleeding toe that had turned – Jun 29

Abstract: With a majority of ‘Yes’ votes in the Constitutional Referendum of 2017, Turkey continues its transition from democracy to autocracy. By the will of the Turkish people, this referendum transferred practically all executive power to

İzmir Bar lawyers joined the cortege on 15th day of the Justice March. The group aims to arrive in Hendek in Sakarya tonight.

BBC journalist detained, deported from Turkey

ANKARA, Turkey — A BBC journalist says he was detained on his arrival at Istanbul airport and deported from Turkey over his reports. Jiyar Gol, a …
Socialist International Secretary General Luis Ayala, ÖDP Chair Alper Taş and HTKP Chair Erkan Baş participated in the Justice March on its 14th day.

Interior Minister Threatens 111 Figures Who Signed Petition for Gülmen, Özakça

Interior Minister Soylu has threatened 111 artists, activists and writers, who placed a petition on four newspapers on 111th day of the hunger strikes, and the newspapers that published it: “Do you realized what you signed? And what about those who publish it to encourage terror groups?”

JUSTICE MARCH: Circular Prepared Against Provocations in Justice March

On the 13th day of the CHP’s Justice March, Kılıçdaroğlu said that “We said that don’t use strong language for any reason against those who protest us. Just applaud them whatever they say”.

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