#Cyberculture agenda: A massive ransomware attack – dubbed Petya- expanding… “Inside Facebook’s war against terrorism…

A large-scale cyberattack is working its way through a number of Ukrainian and Russian targets today. So far, in Russia, oil producer Rosneft and metal company Evraz have been affected by the attack. In Ukraine, Boryspil airport, the banking system,…

A massive ransomware attack – dubbed Petya – is causing havoc at airports, banks and many other institutions across Europe. It remains unclear who is behind the attack, but Moscow-based security firm Group-IB told Reuters it appears to be a coordinated effort simultaneously targeting victims in Russia and Ukraine.
The Real Impact of Google’s Big EU Fine

What the EU’s $2.7 billion record-setting fine really means for the future of the search giant.

Inside Facebook’s war against terrorism

Over the past few years, Facebook has been trying to answer a difficult question: How do you stop terrorists from spreading their hate online? The social network, which now has more than 1.9 billion monthly users worldwide.

For the second year in a row, We Are Social had the privilege of presenting at Vivid Sydney this year. Already one of the world’s leading festivals, Vivid is a bit like SXSW: an amalgam of inspiring people, creative work, and fresh ideas across a variety of themes and topics. For our 2017 keynote, I joined forces with We Are Social’s Sydney MD, Suzie Shaw, to explore the impact that algorithms and machine learning are having on every aspect of our lives, and what that means for marketing. You’ll find our complete presentation in the SlideShare embed above (click here if…

Welcome to the Wikipedia of the Alt-Right

Wikipedia was the rare place where people across the political spectrum could hash out solid facts. A wave of defectors is challenging that.

Study reveals Silicon Valley is still clueless about women and minorities

The results of a diversity survey released by FundersClub yesterday paint the picture of a tone-deaf boy’s club in Silicon Valley. The results come from surveying 234 technology startups concerning the diversity of their workforce. In startups founded with at least one female co-founder, we find that 48% of employees are women. This leaps out as good news: it’s better than Google or Facebook, and that seems like a win for females in tech. However in startups without a female founder, the number of female employees gets cut in half. KJ Erickson, the founder of Simbi — a talent exchanging…
Routers aren’t great at security—and apparently no one knows that better than the CIA

Facebook vows to fight terrorism with new algorithms and artificial intelligence

Facebook has a terrorism problem, and its vowing to fix it. On Thursday, the social media giant announced new plans to use artificial intelligence to scrape words, images, and video in order to wipe terrorist propaganda from its network entirely.

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