#Journalism agenda: “How the European Journalism Centre is working with Facebook on journalist safety…

For 25 years, the European Journalism Centre has been training and protecting journalists worldwide.

Facebook, as one of the world’s largest social platforms, now plays a central role in the sourcing and distribution of news. Helping journalists to navigate, understand and remain secure on digital platforms is a core part of the European Journalism Centre’s work, and we’re excited today to announce a new collaboration with Facebook to do just that.

There’s a common phrase among reporters: “The news never sleeps.” This is why many news outlets rely on cloud-based productivity tools like Google Docs and Sheets to share information, check facts and collaborate in real time. And The New York Times is no exception.

Bravo, CNN artist Bill Hennessy.

CNN equated the briefing to a Supreme Court argument — an on-the-record event at which cameras are banned.

Trump told public lies or falsehoods every single day of his first 40 days in office, and he hasn’t stopped yet.

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