Let’s see: #cyberculture agenda: “Global Entertainment Giants Form Massive Anti-Piracy Coalition

It’s not unusual for companies within the same area of business to collaborate in order to combat piracy. The studios and labels that form the MPAA and RIAA, for example, have doing just that for decades.

Today, however, an unprecedented number of global content creators and distribution platforms have announced the formation of a brand new coalition to collaboratively fight Internet piracy on a global scale.

Russia is going to great lengths to undermine the US military by not just spying on it, but trying to influence its members, according to a report from Politico. Operatives have been friending soldiers and veterans on social media, posting on popular…

The future of Uber’s top execs is in turmoil

Although it’s now worth $70 billion, continually expanding across the globe and seeing revenues grow each quarter, Uber has plenty to worry about – and it started with a blog post. You might have heard about this before. Back in February, former engineer Susan Fowler published a post on her personal blog accusing her managers at Uber of sexist behavior in matters big and small. The post led to the company’s launch of an investigation into the claims, and the firing of several employees in connection with the case – as well as the departure of its president Jeff Jones.…
Violence is the default mechanic in the video-game world. But as video-game graphics become more realistic and virtual reality headsets make games more immersive, developers are taking greater care with the way they portray murder and gore.

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