#Europe agenda: “Europe will grace over 8000 towns and villages with free public Wi-Fi…

Last year, the European Commission convened to ponder over equipping numerous public spaces in member states across the continent with free wireless connectivity, ultimately pledging $134 million to reach this goal.

When MEP Julia Reda conducted a wide-ranging and open consultation on updating EU copyright, she came up with some great, sensible reforms: making it legal to take pictures of buildings, making it legal to link to newspapers, creating a Europe-wide set of fair dealing exceptions to copyright, capping copyright terms at life-plus-50 years, and making sure that the rights you get to analog media (like the right to give your books and music to your kids when you die) carries over to digital media.


The Telegraph – Jun 3, 5:24 AM

London Bridge has been placed on lockdown amid reports of three men carrying knives attacking people and up to 20 have reportedly been struck by a van. Armed police are at the scene in what is being described as a “major incident

Stereotyping in Europe. via Reddit.
How to annoy Europeans with just one sentence. via Reddit.

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