Research Project Infographic (Media in Political Transition in the Southern Mediterranean after 2011) released

University of Cambridge – Al Jazeera Media Project has recently finished. I was proudly part of Turkish team. Today an infographic summing up research and its finding released on Al Jazeera website.

Please have a look

A long term research project is giving more fruits. Turkey team’s articles will be published next year. Morocco teams are recently published and links will be given below.

Recently published: 

‘Media in Political Transition: The cases of Turkey and Morocco’ Research Publishes Findings on Morocco in The Journal of North African Studies.


Following the second leg of the University of Cambridge – Al Jazeera Media Project and a successful conference in Doha in January 2017, a series of articles related to the Media in Morocco have been published in The Journal of North African Studies, in the ‘Special Section:  Medias in Morocco’ (Volume 22, Issue 3, June 2017).

Introduction – Roxane Farmanfarmaian

The authoritarian trap in state/media structures in Morocco’s political transition – Bouziane Zaid

Under watchful eyes: Internet surveillance and citizen media in Morocco, the case of Mamfakinch – Samia Errazzouki

The media in Morocco: a highly political economy, the case of the paper and on-line press since the early 1990s – Abdelfettah Benchenna, Driss Ksikes & Dominique Marchetti

Radio and political change: listening in contemporary Morocco – Ali Sonay

The representation of women in Moroccan television talk shows – Kenza Oumlil

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