#Cyberculture agenda: “How disinformation spreads in a network

How disinformation spreads in a network

Disinformation is kind of a problem these days, yeah? Fatih Erikli uses a simulation that works like a disaster spread model applied to social networks to give an idea of how disinformation spreads.

2017 predictions for Big Data, IoT, and AI

There’s no doubt that there are currently three big trends in business models: Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI). From the still-fragmented internet of things to rapid fluctuations in computing paradigms to how AI is reshaping how we live, everybody’s talking about these trends but what’s really going on? Here’s the lowdown on what you need to understand about them, and the future that lies in the year ahead from a consumer perspective. Big Data Big data, as defined in Wikipedia, is a term for data sets that are so large or complex that traditional data…

You’re summoned to court where a ton of evidence including phones calls, handwritten notes, emails and chat logs undeniably prove your complicity in a crime. The problem is, none of that evidence belongs to you. They have been masterfully crafted by Artificial Intelligence algorithms that have meticulously profiled you. This is not an excerpt from Blade Runner

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