#Europe Agenda: Demonstrations in Serbia and Hungary…

Today’s protest in Budapest (i.redd.it)

Hungary saw the biggest anti-government protest in three years on Sunday (9 April), as tens of thousands demonstrated against new higher education legislation seen as targeting the respected Central European University.

Enter the ‘fachosphère’

Henri Astier assesses the risks from the rise and rise of France’s online far right.
Few outlets illustrate better the cosy relationship between Hungary’s media and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán than Origo, once an independent news source, now seemingly another weapon in the government’s armoury.

Basque separatist group, Eta said to disarm

Basque militant separatist group Eta will announce plans to disarm and hand over its weapons.

Norway to build landmark ship tunnel

The country is taking radical steps to try and make a hazardous stretch of coastline safer.

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