Here is a [rarely seen] rather colorful news item from the referendum process: “‘Marilyn Monroe’ Stumps for ‘Yes!’ in Mardin

‘Marilyn Monroe’ Stumps for ‘Yes!’ in Mardin

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 28 March 2017)

//ed.note: this marks Marilyn Monroe’s second TNT appearance.
marilyn see this TNT report for a previous Marilyn sighting.//

If the original had 4 kids would she look this good?!

Melek Akarmut, who lives in Mardin and is known for her resemblance
to Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe, is going from door to door in Mardin
to urge shopkeepers to vote ‘Yes’ in the upcoming 16 April referendum.
Akarmut, is originally from Afyonkarahisar and has 4 children (!).

An April’s Fools Day advertisement by Turkey’s largest food company, Ülker, triggered panic on social media amid accusations that the video heralded a military coup
Voting began on March 1 in the U.S. on Turkey’s referendum on whether to shift to an executive presidential system, as hundreds of Turkish nationals showed up to cast their ballots in New York and in Washington D.C.

BACKGROUND: Born in 1954, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan first came to national attention in the early 1990s, when he issued a string of provocative statements, including declaring his commitment to the introduction of Islamic Shari’a law and famously

The hero worship propelling Erdoğan to absolute power in Turkey

In the capital of Ankara, the president’s referendum on his bid to stay in office until 2029 is riding a tide of popular support after the failed coup to oust himEmine Altinbas had come all the way to Ankara from the northern Turkish city of Amasya, 165 miles away, for a political rally. In the warmth of the afternoon, she listened as the prime minister urged her and other supporters to vote yes in a referendum that would transform the country into a presidential republic.

President Tayyip Erdoğan was asked in a live interview on Habertürk TV on March 27 about German newspaper Bild’s headline in Turkish and German that day.
The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) will focus on winning “yes” votes from women, city-based Kurds and city-based Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) voters in the final weeks of campaigning for the referendum on shifting Turkey to an executive presidential system.

Turkey’s referendum race is still neck and neck: Konda pollster

Just a few weeks ahead of the referendum on shifting to an executive presidential system, the race is still neck and neck, Bekir Ağırdır from the Konda research company tells the Hürriyet Daily News, adding that a majority of the undecided would traditionally be in the ‘yes’ camp
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s gesture of visiting a “no” campaign tent in Istanbul on March 28 was a noteworthy move and a step in the right direction for normalizing the referendum process, after weeks of tension and polarization.
TKP member, attorney Aktaş, who canvassed for ‘no’ for constitutional amendment referendum, has been in custody for five days over “FETÖ” charge.

Voting starts in Europe for Turkish referendum

The first ballots are cast by Turkish citizens living in six European countries.

CHP lawmaker asks in parliament why student was shot dead at Nevruz celebrations in Turkey’s southeast

A lawmaker from the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) has asked why a student was shot dead by the police at the Nevruz celebrations held in the Bağlar district of the southeastern province of Diyarbakır on March 21.

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