#Cyberculture agenda: “Don’t Let WikiLeaks Scare You Off of Signal and Other Encrypted Chat Apps

Despite some initial confusion, the CIA hasn’t undermined Signal and other important end-to-end encrypted apps.

There’s been one particularly misleading claim repeated throughout coverage of CIA documents released by WikiLeaks today: That the agency’s in-house hackers “bypassed” the encryption used by popular secure-chat software like Signal and WhatsApp.

And also maybe unplug your TV while you plot your coup.

WikiLeaks just ignited another powder keg. Julian Assange’s outfit has posted the first of a string of CIA leaks, nicknamed Vault 7, that purports to reveal the agency’s “entire hacking capacity.” The information is said to have escaped an “isolated”…

Wikileaks unleashes ‘Vault 7’ series, the largest ever leak on the CIA

Wikileaks has released a massive stash of confidential documents in what could be the biggest ever leak involving the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The leak marks the very first installment of the Wikileaks’ latest series code-named Vault 7 in which the whistleblowing platform focuses on the CIA’s internal covert operations, including spying protocols and hacking practices. Leader Julian Assange was scheduled to unveil the leak today in a press conference announced earlier yesterday. The presentation, however, was rescheduled following attacks on Assange’s Facebook and Periscope video streams. NOTICE: As Mr. Assange’s Perscipe+Facebook video stream links are under attack his video press conference will be…

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