“Turkey backers” response to “Europe”: flooding social media with Nazi symbols…


Hackers tweeted “Nazi Germany, Nazi Holland” from several official accounts in Turkish.
Twitter accounts tweet swastikas and pro-Erdoğan support in massive hack

Accounts that use third-party analytics service Twitter Counter compromised to tweet in support of Turkey’s prime minister

Thousands of Twitter accounts, including high profile ones belonging to users such as Forbes, Amnesty International, the BBC’s North American service, and tennis star Boris Becker were compromised on Wednesday morning, resulting in them tweeting propaganda related to Turkey’s escalating diplomatic conflictwith Germany and the Netherlands.

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Foreign Policy – David Kenner – Jul 17, 2014, 3:08 PM

ANKARA, Turkey — In a half-destroyed temple overlooking the Turkish capital, there is a carved inscription of a text known as “The Deeds of the Divine Augustus.” It is the most complete surviving version of the funerary

Germany’s largest association of mosques needs to undertake fundamental reforms to ensure its independence from Turkey after reports that its clerics spied on people in Germany, Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière said on March 14.
In a near-repeat of a hack last November, large numbers of Twitter users are suddenly pushing a disturbing spam message. This one is written in Turkish and appears to target Holland with a “#NaziHollanda” or “#Nazialmanya” hashtag, but just like last…
Turkish accusations of fascism in the Netherlands are “completely detached from reality,” European Council President Donald Tusk wrote via his official Twitter account on March 15.
The EU’s Donald Tusk hits back at Turkish remarks describing the Dutch government as “fascists”.

We know Netherlands, Dutch from Srebrenica massacre: Erdoğan 

Turkey knows the Netherlands and the Dutch from the Srebrenica massacre, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said March 14, as tension between the two countries continue to grow.
Turkey will intensify its efforts against racism, Islamophobia and xenophobia on all international platforms, especially at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) as Turkey’s government is currently the term president, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said March 14

Turkey, sick man of Europe, reappears?

This is not a call for Europeans to do the work on the Turks’ or Kurds’ behalf – but a call to show solidarity with democratic forces of the country at a critical time.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu returns to Ataturk airport after Dutch withdraw travel permission from his attendance at a rally in Rotterdam, March 12,2017. Depo Photos/Press Association. All rights reserved.In 1852, John Russell was using his political sabbatical to make the case for the approaching Crimean War with Russia. To add spice to his writings, he revealed that the Russian Tsar described the Ottoman Empire as the ‘Sick Man of Europe’. In the same year, in The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon, Marx articulated one of his most quoted aperçues: history repeats itself; first as tragedy, then as farce.

Part of diplomatic team that accompanied Turkish Minister Ms. Kaya.
Speaking on the escalated tension between Turkey and the Netherlands, Dutch Foreign Minister Koenders has said, “I really don’t understand why they threaten us with imposing sanctions”.
The European Commission highlighted the “serious concerns” expressed by the Council of Europe on Monday (13 March) over the amendments to the Turkish Constitution which are due to be voted on in the 16 April referendum.
Turkey keeps up name-calling, imposes sanctions on Netherlands, and threatens, once again, to scrap EU migrant deal.
Turkey on Monday (13 March) said it was suspending top-level ties with The Netherlands and blocking the return of its ambassador in a spiralling crisis over the holding of rallies abroad ahead of a crucial referendum.
Some European Union countries cannot tolerate Turkey’s rise as an emerging power, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on March 13, accusing them of working against the “Yes” vote in Turkey’s April 16 constitutional referendum
New York Times – Nick Cumming-Bruce – Mar 10, 10:01 AM

GENEVA — Turkey ‘s military and police have killed hundreds of people during operations against Kurdish rebels in southeastern Turkey, the United Nations said on Friday in a report that listed summary killings, torture, rape and widespread

The Netherlands on March 14 issued a new travel warning to Dutch citizens in Turkey, urging them to take care amid a bitter political row between the two countries
The Venice Commission, an advisory body to the Strasbourg-based Council of Europe, on Friday said proposals to amend Turkey’s constitution would create a “one-person regime”. The amendments would further empower Turkey’s president Recep Erdogan, who has tightened his grip on power since a failed coup, and risk creating an “authoritarian presidential system”. The full text of the opinion will be published on Monday (13 March).
Turkish politicians should be banned from political campaigning across the European Union, Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern said on Sunday (5 March), supporting the decision by some German towns last week to cancel Turkish referendum campaign events.
coe.int – Mar 10

Venice Commission Diminuer la taille du texte Augmenter la taille du texte Imprimer la page Imprimer en PDF The Council of Europe’s constitutional law experts, the Venice Commission, warn against a one-person regime in Turkey in a definitive


Turkey has lashed out at the United States for criticizing measures taken in the aftermath of the July 2016 coup attempt in its annual human rights report, describing these criticisms as “unacceptable allegations, misrepresentations and interpretations that do not reflect reality.”
Dutch investment in Turkey is not at risk from the recent diplomatic row between the two countries, as Ankara’s ire is focused on the Dutch government, not its people or businesses, Turkey’s minister for EU Affairs told Reuters.
Germany’s government has condemned remarks by Turkey’s president accusing officials of “Nazi practices,” days after a local authority prevented a Turkish minister from addressing a meeting there
In the row over cancelled rallies at which Turkish politicians were to appear in Germany Turkey’s President Erdoğan has accused the German authorities of using Nazi practices. Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern has spoken out in favour of an EU-wide ban on such events. Commentators also believe Europe must take a resolute stand – but don’t necessarily see banning rallies as the right course.
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has again slammed Germany over the decision to ban Turkish ministers from holding events in two German cities, saying that if he is banned from giving speeches there he “will stir up the world.”
A leader of Germany’s Turkish community criticized President Tayyip Erdoğan on March 6 of damaging ties between the two NATO allies by likening bans on political rallies by Turks in Germany to “fascist actions” reminiscent of Nazi times.
The Venice Commission of the Council of Europe has prepared a report regarding the April 16 constitutional referendum in which citizens of Turkey will decide whether to replace the current parliamentary system with an executive presidency, warning that the changes would usher in a “one-person regime.”

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