Pre-referendum tensions- now with Germany as President Erdoğan “makes Nazi jibe over Germany rally ban…

Turkey’s president railed against blocks in Germany on his political campaigning for new powers.
Berlin summoned Ankara’s ambassador yesterday (28 February) to protest the arrest in Turkey of a correspondent for a German newspaper, further fuelling tensions between the two NATO allies as demonstrations took place across German-speaking Europe.

Turkey: Die Welt’s Deniz Yucel held for ‘terror links’

Deniz Yucel, who holds both Turkish and German passports, has been charged with spreading ‘terrorist propaganda’.

‘Assault on freedom of expression’: Die Welt journalist’s arrest in Turkey condemned

Opposition and rights groups attack arrest of Deniz Yücel as German foreign ministry summons Turkish ambassador to Berlin

Opposition officials and human rights groups have condemned the arrest in Turkey of a German newspaper correspondent as an “assault on freedom of expression” and attempt at intimidating foreign press in the country.

Turkey has lashed out at Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz over his remarks on President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s planned rally in the country on the eve of an April 16 referendum

Journalist for German newspaper arrested in Turkey

Deniz Yücel jailed pending trial on charges of propaganda in support of a terrorist organisation and inciting the public to violence

Turkish authorities have arrested a reporter for a prominent German newspaper on charges of propaganda in support of a terrorist organisation and inciting the public to violence, according to a court witness.

Turkey coup: 136 diplomats and relatives seek Germany asylum

Many Turks abroad are thought to have backed the coup plot against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Debate: Should AKP be allowed to seek votes in Germany?

Although his trip to Germany has not been confirmed, Turkish President Erdoğan may follow up the visit by Prime Minister Yıldırım by himself coming to Germany to campaign for his presidential system. There is no place in Germany for campaigning for an undemocratic Turkish constitutional reform, some commentators say. Others argue that you can’t uphold freedom of speech while denying Erdoğan a platform on German soil.
Pro-Kurdish HDP files application at European Court of Human Rights over arrest of its leaders, Demirtas and Yuksekdag.
Turkey’s Foreign Ministry has denounced a statement from an Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, who called on Turkey to not “test Iran’s patience.”

Germany raids apartments of four Turkish imams suspected of spying

German police on Feb. 15 raided the apartments of four imams suspected of conducting espionage on behalf of the Turkish government against followers of U.S.-based Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen, which Ankara accuses of organizing the failed coup attempt on July 15, 2016.
The campaign for the referendum on April 16 is under way in Turkey. The parliament in Ankara gave the green light in mid-January for a constitutional amendment that could see the introduction of a presidential system in Turkey. With the help of votes from the far-right MHP, the ruling AKP achieved the majority it needed to hold a referendum on the reform. What would a presidential system mean for Turkey?


Police in Germany have carried out searches at the homes of four imams who are members of the Turkish-Islam Union in Germany (Ditib) on suspicions that they were spying on supporters of the Gülen movement and passing on the information to the Turkish Consulate General. Europe must not stand by and watch as democracy is dismantled in Turkey and must take a tougher line with the Ankara-controlled organisation, commentators demand.
Accusations of espionage against Turkish imams in Germany stemmed from a “defamation campaign” that was tied to the political climate ahead of elections in the country, Turkey’s top religious official has said.
One leader of the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party was sentenced to five months in jail, and the other was expelled from Parliament.

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