#Europe agenda: “Should Germany ban AKP election campaign” while President Erdoğan bids up by claiming: “Germany ‘aids and harbours terror’..

The city of Gaggenau in south-west Germany has cancelled an event at which the Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ was to appear, stressing that this was not a political decision against the campaign for Turkish constitutional reform but a decision based on security concerns. President Erdoğan plans to speak at a rally for his supporters in Cologne in March. This has triggered a debate about banning such appearances. Commentators are sceptical.
Ankara and Berlin locked in acrimony as Turkish president lashes out at Germany over cancellation of ministers’ rallies.
German Justice Minister has penned a letter to Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ over Berlin’s decision to ban Turkish ministers from holding events in two German cities ahead of the April 16 constitutional referendum
Erdogan says Yucel was a PKK plant with German support
Deutsche Welle
In September, Yucel reported on social media trolls in the service of Turkey’s government’s, based in part on emails published by WikiLeaks and the domestic group known as Red Hack. The emails, already publicly available, apparently came from the inbox …
1ST LEAD State news: Erdogan calls arrested journalist Yucel ‘German agent’ By Linda Say and Can Merey, dpaEurope Online Magazine
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is “not welcome” to hold campaign events in Austria ahead of the upcoming referendum that will decide whether the current parliamentary system should be shifted into an executive presidency, Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz said on Feb. 27
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu has said that neither Germany nor the Netherlands can prevent the Turkish officials from meeting with citizens

Who is Martin Schulz?

Why Social Democrat leader Martin Schulz could oust Chancellor Angela Merkel from her post.
As of July the Swedish government will reintroduce compulsory military service, which had been abolished in 2010. The government justified the step pointing to heightened security risks in the Baltic and the lack of volunteers. All men and women born in or after 1999 must be available, and 4,000 of them will have to do military service each year. Some commentators approve of the move while others cast doubts on its effectiveness.
Dutch election: EU’s most unpredictable vote

Polls suggest that four or five parties will be needed to form a majority after the 15 March vote. The shrunk size of the establishment parties means that smaller parties may play a role of kingmaker.

Fake News to Be of Major Concern in French Presidential Election Campaign

“Fake News” via Pixabay – Public domain

The dissemination of fake news has been widely blamed for its impact on the 2016 US presidential election, and concerns that such disinformation will also play a role in this year’s French presidential election are being taken very seriously, by both media outlets and candidates’ campaign staff.

City of Paris deploys “anti-refugee boulders” to prevent camping while waiting for space at a humanitarian center

The city of Paris has installed “anti-refugee boulders” beneath a highway overpass in Porte de La Chapelle in a bid to stop Syrian refugees from sleeping in the flyover’s shelter while they wait for space to open up at a nearby humanitarian relief center operated by Emmaus solidarité.

Gallery of London’s urban foxes


Shot here by Natalie Lowe sunbathing on the roof of its convertible, a fox relaxes before evening’s activities come due. Below, a fox pop takes a trip on the London Underground, as observed by Stephen Ebert. Check out the full gallery at Londonist. A common sight in London, foxes moved in after World War II and have become a symbol of the city. They’re mostly harmless, but the tabloids there love to run fox-ate-my-baby stories.

Tensions were very high on Friday, with Pablo Iglesias announcing that he would not only renounce the general secretary position if his team and thesis lost, but even his seat in the parliament. An “órdago” (a card move of the most famous Spanish card game Mus, like all-in in poker), to the membership, to make it clear that he would not only leave the party without full control of all its parts, but even abandon any public role in it.

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