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The Slavery Next Door: In Conversation with Amy Romer

The British photographer documenting sites of abuse, coercion and modern day slavery in towns and cities throughout Britain


The Western world order as we know it is at risk, according to the annual Munich Security Report.
Dear Colleague,

Carnegie Europe’s Judy Dempsey, editor in chief of the Strategic Europe blog, was on the ground at the 2017 Munich Security Conference offering readers analysis of the debates as they unfolded.

Five issues dominated this year’s conference: a liberal global order under threat, pressures on the transatlantic bond, NATO defense spending, Russia, and the way the EU will be shaped by France’s upcoming presidential election.

Below are Dempsey’s main takeaways and insights from other participants in Munich.

America’s Year, France’s Year

The Defense of U.S. Values vs. Russia and Iran

Voices From the Munich Security Conference

Muddling Through European Defense

Judy Asks: Is the Crisis of the Liberal Order Exaggerated?

NATO’s New Marching Orders

A Cracking Debate on the EU’s Future

The West’s Vulnerability vs. the West’s Revival

For a roundup of Twitter commentary and blog posts from the conference, check out our Storify page here. You can also subscribe to Carnegie’s Strategic Europe blog for ongoing analysis on European foreign and security policy.

I hope you will take a look, and as always, I welcome your comments and feedback.


Lizza Bomassi
Deputy Director
Carnegie Europe

Romanian justice minister quits after graft decree debacle

Romanian Justice Minister Florin Iordache resigned on Thursday (9 February) after a decree on corruption that he drafted triggered a week of street protests, international criticism and finally an embarrassing climbdown by the month-old government.

MEPs look for ways to defund far-right party

The Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF) has sued the European Parliament for changing its party funding rules last year. Meanwhile, MEPs probe their duty to fund a party that brings together people with neo-Nazi and fascist past.

Trans-Europe Express: Polish democracy

The first news reports didn’t reveal much. The two governments had agreed to ‘mend fences’, and engage in closer cooperation. But otherwise, leaving the impression that the German chancellor’s visit to Warsaw on Tuesday hadn’t gone too well, and that spin control was in effect.

European Parliament VP warns Trump is using Brexit ‘as a Trojan horse’

Newly re-elected European Parliament Vice-President Ramón Luis Valcárcel said today (9 February) that Donald Trump is “using Brexit as a Trojan horse” and called on the EU to stay united and defend its values.

Scottish independence now neck-and-neck, new post-Brexit poll shows

Support for Scottish independence in the wake of the Brexit referendum is now effectively neck-and-neck, according to a new poll released Wednesday (8 February).

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