Meanwhile in Davos, Low participation from Ankara at this year’s summit…

There will be a limited participation from Ankara at the 47th World Economic Forum in Davos on Jan. 17-20, due to the ongoing debates over the constitutional amendment vote.
Rutte and Schulz take the gloves off in front of Davos elite

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and former European Parliament President Martin Schulz clashed over the strategy to relaunch the Union, illustrating the deep division at Europe’s helm in front of the global audience of the World Economic Forum.
May flogs ‘Global Britain’ to world leaders in Davos

In the wake of confirming that “Brexit means hard Brexit”, UK Prime Minister Theresa May opened her arms to the world at the World Economic Forum, saying Britain is a great, global trading nation and is ready to shape globalisation.
Davos warns ‘squeezed’ middle class needs attention

Threatened by unemployment and stagnant wages, the middle class is increasingly feeling the pinch and falling prey to populism, as shown in recent elections and the Brexit vote, international and business leaders in Davos warned.
The outgoing US vice-president uses his final major speech in Davos as a rallying call for liberals.

Davos 2017: UK bosses optimistic despite Brexit fears

UK business leaders are some of the most optimistic in the world, a PwC survey suggests.

Inside Davos summit’s Arctic basecamp

A replica of an Arctic basecamp has been set up by a group of leading scientists, as a call to action to global leaders attending the World Economic Forum summit.
Human rights NGO, Amnesty International, says in a 70-page report that fundamental freedoms are being undermined throughout the EU given recent laws.
Germany’s Constitutional Court today (17 January) said the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD) resembled Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party but ruled against banning it because it presented no threat to democracy.

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