#Eurosphere agenda: Facebook fake news tools ready for Germany elections… Davos Summit during Trump’s presidency…

Facebook to roll out fake news tools in Germany

Facebook is rolling out new tools in Germany to help combat the spread of fabricated news stories.

Defeat of Davos

Brexit, Donald Trump, and the rise of populism have left the world’s “liberal elites” reeling. Can Davos, their ideological habitat, survive?
Between 17 and 20 January, the Swiss mountains will be abuzz as the World Economic Forum once again descends on Davos. After a hugely tumultuous year, follow EurActiv.com’s live coverage of the meeting, where we will be on-site to provide all the latest developments.
The World Economic Forum in the Swedish resort of Davos begins on Tuesday with Donald Trump’s presidency set to dominate the discussions. Observers predict that Trump’s protectionism will turn the global agenda on its head and see an unexpected player emerge as the saviour of globalisation.
Trump’s anti-Nato views ‘astonish’ Europe

Germany has said Trump’s anti-Nato and pro-Russia remarks caused “astonishment” in Europe. France said EU must react with “unity”
British Prime Minister Theresa May apparently wants to take the UK out of the single market and the customs union, allowing Britain to decide its own immigration policy independently in future. May plans to present her Brexit strategy on Tuesday, but elements of her speech have leaked out and are already being critically assessed by the media.
Europe should face Donald Trump with “confidence”, German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said Monday (16 January), after the US president-elect had predicted that more EU members would leave the bloc and charged that NATO was “obsolete”.
Russia’s Ambassador to the EU Vladimir Chizhov has reacted angrily to an article claiming that his country made efforts to spoil the Cyprus reunification deal, saying that attempts to shift the blame for the failure of talks are “both unfair and misleading”.
Eurosceptic, nationalist and xenophobic movements have seen their popularity surge in the last few years in Europe. In view of this trend journalists discuss what the social democratic and left-wing politicians’ response should be.

Pound falls ahead of Theresa May Brexit speech

Sterling hits its lowest level against the dollar since October’s flash crash before later edging back up.

Britain to issue EU ultimatum on Tuesday

May to tell EU she is prepared to quit single market if she does not get her way in Brexit talks, with one option to turn the UK into a tax haven.

Italy’s Grillo survives EU parliament fiasco

The Five Star Movement is still leading in polls after it failed to switch from a eurosceptic to a pro-EU group in the European Parliament.

Winter freeze claiming lives across Europe

Dozens of migrants die in the extreme cold weather sweeping across Europe.

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