A moment of goodness in Istanbul as “Kind Strangers Create Warm Beds For Istanbul’s Street Dogs During Blizzard…


Kind Strangers Create Warm Beds For Istanbul’s Street Dogs During Blizzard

Municipalities in Istanbul have started a drive to protect stray cats from heavy snowfall and storms that have lasted for nearly a week and severely affected life in Turkey’s largest city.

Bettany Hughes on the history of Istanbul

Ahead of her talk on the history of Istanbul at Bristol’s M Shed in February 2017, historian and broadcaster Bettany Hughes talked to fellow author

Anxiety Rising in Istanbul After Series of Extremist Attacks

These days, with a string of extremist attacks targeting Istanbul still fresh in his memory, the … And so Turkey and Istanbul have become scary places.”.

In Istanbul, three days of snowfall soothes terror-stricken residents

ISTANBUL — The new year arrived here in a terrible frenzy of gunfire and death, with 39 people killed as they celebrated at an upscale, waterside

Istanbul a ‘scary place’ after series of extremist attacks

ISTANBUL // For Ethem Salli, life in what he still calls one of the greatest cities on earth has been pared back to little more than his trips to and from

Istanbul’s biggest threat doesn’t come from terrorists

In Istanbul, you’re still more likely to die in an earthquake than in a terrorist … But seismologists say a devastating earthquake in Istanbul remains an …

VIDEO: Panic as huge container ship shaves Istanbul’s Tarabya coast

A container ship passing through Istanbul’s Bosphorus caused panic among locals in the Tarabya neighborhood early on Jan. 7, before the strait was closed to all naval traffic due to fog caused by heavy snowfall.

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