In the mean time, Cyprus peace talks: “all you need to know”

Cyprus peace talks – all you need to know

Rival leaders of the Mediterranean island, which has been split since 1974, are meeting in Geneva for a summit

The purpose of the Geneva talks is to end the partition of the island between the predominantly Turkish north and Greek south, so that the whole island has a unified – if federated – political structure and can be recognised by the European Union. At present only the south is recognised by the EU, and UN troops oversee a buffer zone across the island. Any agreement would have to be sanctioned by the UN and put to a referendum on both sides of the island, probably in the late spring.

Erdogan offers citizenship to Syrian and Iraqi refugees

President Erdogan says some refugees who pass screenings will be granted nationality to “make use” of their skills.

Mavi Boncuk | The Battle For Al-Bab Is Bringing U.S.-Turkish Tensions To A Head By Fabrice Balanche

Policy Alert January 9, 2017 SOURCE

Turkey will seek the right of free movement for Turkish people and Turkish goods in Turkish Cyprus after a prospective reunification deal that would result in the entire island joining the European Union amid ongoing talks between Turkish and Greek Cypriots in Geneva
The Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders meet from Monday to Wednesday, before an multilateral conference on Thursday that could endorse a reunification settlement. Talks could still fail on Turkey’s role

The Observer view on Turkey and Putin’s malign patronage | Observer editorial


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan blames the US for many of his country’s troubles but we must be wary of his closer ties with Russia

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