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Fact-Checking Won’t Save Us From Fake News

Fake news.

We’ve used this phrase so many times in the past two months that it’s almost lost meaning — partly because it can mean so many different things. Depending on who you talk to, “fake news” may refer to satirical news, hoaxes, news that’s clumsily framed or outright wrong, propaganda, lies destined for viral clicks and advertising dollars, politically motivated half-truths, and more.

Foundations and the foundation of a new way of funding journalism

Not-for-profit journalistic organisations are springing up around the world and producing stories of huge value. Rachel Oldroyd looks at their role and whether they can take the place of traditional print outlets

Iterate, iterate, iterate: How The Wall Street Journal made its push notifications more attention-worthy


Last August, The Wall Street Journal set a push alert about a story about how alcohol companies are responding to new research that shows consumption of adult beverages might increase the risk of cancer.

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