What did we expect? “Turkey’s coup commission wraps up work with little outcome

Parliament’s coup investigation commission, set up to probe Turkey’s failed July 15, 2016 military takeover bid, wrapped up its work on Jan. 4, amid opposition criticism that the commission was ineffective and left many details of the coup attempt in the dark
Turkey’s parliament voted overnight to extend emergency rule by three months in a move which the government said was needed to sustain a purge of supporters of the US-based Muslim cleric accused of directing July’s coup, state media said on Wednesday (4 January)

Despite the pressures there remains a vivid civil society in Turkey, aspiring to democracy, openness and tolerance. It deserves our supportThe massacre of 39 people in a New Year attack on Istanbul’s Reina nightclub, which Islamic State has claimed responsibility for, has plunged Turkey into new depths of grief and anxiety. It turned a festive night into a bloodbath, with dancers and partygoers felled by automatic rifle fire, echoing the November 2015 Bataclan attack in Paris. The world should express its solidarity with the victims as staunchly and vocally as it did with France’s.

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