#Cyberculture – “Snap Inc. spent millions to get better at augmented reality…

The creators of Snapchat are running toward an IPO at full speed, but it seems to have nabbed itself a neat holiday gift along the way. According to a report from The Calcalist (as interpreted by The Times of Israel), Snap Inc. recently acquired an I…

The Year in Government Hacking: 2016 in Review


There’s no question that this has been a big year for government hacking. Not a day has gone by without some mention of it in the news. 2016 may forever be remembered as the year when government hacking went so mainstream that Stephen Colbert cracked jokes about Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear on The Late Show. The Obama administration has publicly blamed the Russian government for a series of compromises of U.S. political institutions and individuals in this election year, including the Democratic National Committee, the Republican National Committee, and John Podesta, former Chairman of the Hillary Clinton election campaign.

AI was everywhere in 2016

At the Four Seasons hotel in South Korea, AlphaGO stunned grandmaster Lee Sodol at the complex and highly intuitive game of Go. Google’s artificially intelligent system defeated the 18-time world champion in a string of games earlier this year. Backe…

The state of blogging for 2017


When it comes to New Year resolutions, many of us aim to do so much. For some, it could be giving up smoking, for others, it could be making more of an effort when it comes to friends and family. However, many are slowly seeing the benefits of blogging, and wish to have a slice of the turkey before it’s gone completely. So, it could be that your New Year resolution is to create a blog or develop an existing one. The actual process is quite straightforward, but it’s important that we look at blogging in the right context.

40 of the best Android apps of 2016


This year saw a great crop of new and updated apps to make your Android device more useful, productive and entertaining. We’ve rounded up 40 of the best ones we tested all through 2016 –

This Year in U.S. Copyright Policy: 2016 in Review


Three years into Congress’s copyright review and it’s still more talk than action.

The talk: at the start of the year, the Commerce Department released its long-awaited recommendations for copyright reform, and in the spring, the Copyright Office moved forward with three major copyright policy studies. President Obama sent two international copyright treaties to the Senate for ratification, and the White House called for more shadow regulation.


Times are moving. Fast. If you haven’t been keeping up, it’s time to crawl out of the medieval rock that you’ve been hiding under. In just a single year, we have learned more about space than we have in the past decade and the likes of Pokémon Go gave us a sneak peek into the potential of virtual and augmented reality. Our better understanding of artificial intelligence has also enabled the likes of Google and Tesla to develop autonomous or self-driving cars (also the closest things to KITT in Knight Rider). Plus, with improvements in radar, GPS, and cameras, self-driving…

Technical developments in Cryptography: 2016 in Review


While 2016 may not have been the banner year for cryptographic exploits that 2015 was, researchers around the world continued to advance the state of the art.

TLS 1.3 design finalized

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