Turkish justice at work: Professor İştar Gözaydın Detained… Indictment accepted ALMOST FOURS YEARS after death of young Gezi victim Elvan

Relieved of her duty from Gediz University due to her posts against capital punishment and violence, Prof. İştar Gözaydın has been taken into custody.
The Istanbul 17th Court of Serious Crimes has accepted an indictment regarding the death of 14-year-old Berkin Elvan, who was killed with a tear gas canister during the Gezi protests in June 2013
Motherboard – Dec 20, 4:00 AM

A resourceful group that used Turkish-made trojans, among other malware, appears to have targeted several victims in Turkey, according to computer forensics company Arsenal Consulting. Among those hit were likely several high-profile officials

Turkish police on Dec. 20 detained 20 people accused of being Gülenist “mentors” (abiler) tasked with guiding personnel in the Air Force, as prosecutors in Konya launched an operation against 120 suspects in 30 provinces.

The Turkish government is strengthening its already tight grip on the country’s internet.

The arrest of Doğan Group Ankara Administrative Representative Barbaros Muratoğlu does not accord with the precedents of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) because the reasons are irrelevant and insufficient
A refugee transsexual woman who fled Syria due to the country’s civil war was murdered in her house in Istanbul on Dec. 17, the Ankara-based Kaos Gay and Lesbian Cultural Research and Solidarity Association (Kaos GL) has reported
On Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality building’s renewed Kurdish and Turkish plate, silhouettes of Grand Mosque, Ten Arches Bridge and Four-Legged Minaret take place. The Amed writing has been removed, T.C. (Republic of Turkey) and Turkish flag included.

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