Eurosphere agenda: “EU wants to know if Facebook lied about Whatsapp…

Facebook said in 2014 that linking WhatsApp’s phone numbers with Facebook was not possible. In 2016, it became possible, and it happened.

It’s been a year since the Law and Justice Party won the Polish election, on familiar-sounding promises to drain the swamp and restore Poland to its former greatness: now school textbooks are being redesigned to downplay evolution and climate change and to recount a fanciful version of Poland’s history; the government is mooting giving hoteliers the right to turn away customers based on sexual orientation or skin-color;

Austria’s far-right seals pact with Russia

Freedom Party leaders went to Moscow and signed an agreement with a politician on an EU sanctions list to cooperate with Vladimir Putin’s party.

Merkel faces backlash over Berlin attack

The German chancellor says Monday’s deadly crash at a Christmas market was a terrorist attack, but calls for calm. Her critics are already blaming her refugee policy.

Swiss shooting: Gunman found dead near Zurich Islamic centre

A man who shot and wounded three people at an Islamic centre in Zurich is found dead.

Fear of populism is hollowing out Europe’s leadership on refugees


Even where populists don’t win power through the ballot box, they gain it through shaping policy and public debate.

Donald Tusk at last year’s December EU summit. “We are being tested on all possible fronts”, he said. Image: Flickr/European Parliament. Some rights reserved.With a few exceptions, the success of populist parties in the polls has yet to translate into control of the executive in EU states. But insurgent populist parties have made progress in provoking mainstream parties to ape their political agenda and normalise their message for fear of losing votes. The result is that even where populists don’t win power through the ballot box, they gain it through shaping policy and public debate.

Debate: What are the fruits of the last 2016 EU summit?

The leaders of the European Union agreed at their summit in Brussels on Thursday to extend the sanctions against Moscow. They also discussed the refugee issue and the situation in Syria as reported by the mayor of eastern Aleppo. The press voices disappointment with the results of the last EU summit in 2016.

The 10 laws of Brexit


Trying to talk to someone in the UK about Brexit? Don’t contradict the laws of Brexit!

  1. Brexit means Brexit
  2. The British are never to blame for Brexit or any of its consequences
  3. Anyone seeing any problem with Brexit is talking the country down
  4. Giving any detail about Brexit shall be ruled out as the government refuses a running commentary
  5. Anyone doubting the sense of Brexit is guilty of not seeing the opportunities Brexit presents

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