Turkey in Europe: “German school in Istanbul cancels Christmas”

Elite Istanbul high school bans Christmas in its

Istanbul (dpa) – German teachers at one of Istanbul‘s most elite public high schools have been told for the first time they cannot mention the topic of

EU struggles with split over Turkey membership bid

The European Union on Dec. 13 wrestled with a rift over Turkey’s EU membership bid after Austria led calls for the accession process to be halted over Ankara’s post-coup crackdown
EU member states, with the exception of Austria, said that Turkey’s EU accession process should continue even if no new chapter will open soon.
The EU states have unanimously condemned the attacks in Istanbul, but they are at odds on the matter of Turkey’s EU accession talks. At a meeting in Brussels the foreign ministers resolved not to open a new chapter of the negotiations for the time being. Austria, however, defied the other states, calling for formal steps to freeze the talks completely and refusing to go along with the resolution. What approach should the EU adopt vis-à-vis Ankara?

Iran and Turkey’s secret talks on Syria revealed


Plan envisaged ceasefire, national unity government and elections under UN supervision but collapsed over worries about Assad’s role, says report

He was one the first people to sign a petition protesting the Turkish government’s military operations against Kurdish areas in his country at the beginning of this year. Not even the attempted coup d’état of July 15th, which was neutralized by the government, has softened his criticism of President Racep Tayyp Erdogan. Cengiz Aktar, a professor of international relations at Istanbul’s Bahcesehir University, has a hard time describing his country as a democracy.
Russian and Turkish officials will hold a meeting on Dec.14 in Turkey to assess the situation in Syria’s Aleppo, a senior Turkish official told Reuters, after the Syrian army and its allies took full control of districts, Reuters has reported.
What the ‘Russian lobby’ in Ankara wants
A key figure in the movement was Dogu Perincek, known in Turkey as a beacon of Maoism who was arrested in 2008 for being a member of the Ergenekon, a quasi-imaginary cabal that allegedly planned a military coup against Erdogan’s Justice and
Tensions continue to flare between Ankara and Vienna following Austria’s bid, earlier this week, to block Turkey’s EU membership talks.
EU plans summit with Turkey

The heads of European Union institutions were given a mandate to plan a possible summit meeting with Turkish leaders in the coming months, Council President Donald Tusk said after the EU summit on Thursday (15 December).

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