Journalism agenda: Report finds “Nearly 25% of Americans admit sharing fake news”…”Digital self-defense for journalists…


Nearly a quarter of Americans surveyed admitted to sharing fake news. You can interpret this two ways: that’s not as terrible as I first thought; or, three-quarters of Americans are liars (or completely oblivious).

The social network’s updates to address fake news are live now. And while they won’t solve the problem overnight, they’re an important first step.

Virtual reality on mobile leaps forward

Storytelling is where it’s at in 2017. Of course, for those of us who are veterans in journalism, it’s always been about storytelling, from our first byline. However, what we’ll see much more, across a variety of genres, in 2017 is the growth of new ways of telling stories, ways that go beyond a headline, summary, and text. Robust storytelling aimed at mobile devices is already a reality for some, but there’s much more experimentation to come, at publications ranging from local daily and weekly regional newspapers to monthly magazines and beyond.

Local news gets interesting


Journalism, we’ve got a problem. We have a huge blind spot in coverage of much of the United States, something that became glaringly obvious with the surprise many felt in Donald Trump’s presidential election win. There are millions of people who are profoundly shaken by our increasingly globalized world. They aren’t seeing the benefits of urbanization and automation, but instead feel slapped in the face by what coastal elites hail as an inevitable march of progress.

Digital self-defense for journalists


The Opennews project has published a set of annotated links to digital operational security tutorials that are relevant to journalists looking to defend themselves against various kinds of attacks, covering two-factor authentication, password managers, phishing, first aid for malware infections, and related subjects. (via 4 Short Links)

At least 257 journalists were imprisoned worldwide, a third of them in Turkey, the Committee to Protect Journalists said.

Techie Working at Home Creates Bigger Archive of Historical Newspapers (37 Million Pages) Than the Library of Congress


“Real news, fake news, who cares, it’s all the same, am I right?”

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