Cyberculture agenda: KickassTorrents might be back at


Back in July, millions of pirates got their hearts broken when their go-to torrent site KickassTorrents suddenly shut down following the arrest of alleged founder Artem Vaulin – but it seems not all is lost. A group of devoted ex-staffers has kicked off a reincarnation of the notorious torrent site in hopes of bringing it back to its former glory. Launched today, KickassTorrents has a new fully operational torrent site. While the website looks identical to its predecessor, it starts with a clean user database; the good thing, however, is that many members of the original staff have are back on board – including its…

For the big guns in India, Twitter is no longer a safe place.


After taking the world by storm early 2014, Popcorn Time – the ‘Netflix for Pirates’ – has had a relatively quiet 2016.

After building to a crescendo last year, the original fork of the open source project went down after being targeted by the MPAA, leaving others to continue the mission.


These are selected digital diplomacy highlights of 2016

Swiss President goes viral

Swiss President Johann Schneider-Ammann goes viral with straight-laced speech about the therapeutic effects of laughter

Recode – Kara Swisher – Dec 15, 4:53 PM

The leaders of tech were close-mouthed their meeting with President-elect Donald Trump yesterday in New York, saying little about it, both before and after in public or online. Save for Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos calling the confab “very


Washington Post – Dec 15

John Podesta was chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The more we learn about the Russian plot to sabotage Hillary Clinton’s campaign and elect Donald Trump, and the failure of the FBI to adequately respond, the more shocking it


Facebook has once again been forced to acknowledge an error with their metrics.

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