Eurosphere agenda: Europe’s pupils bad at maths debated… Belgian beer culture added to UNESCO’s heritage list…

Beer culture in Belgium was inscribed yesterday (30 November) on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
Ever four years the Timss Study tests the mathematics skills of grade four pupils around the world. States in the Far East have long scored the best, with Russia leading the countries of Europe. Pupils from Germany, Finland and the Netherlands fared worse in 2015 than in 2011, according the newly-published study. No one in Europe cares about teaching young people to calculate, commentators bristle

The counter-revolution of the Right

With eyes set on Russia and fighting a cultural battle of its own, an anti-liberal and anti-cosmopolitan project is consolidating itself both in Europe and the United States. Español

Golden Dawn demonstration in 2012. Athens,Greece.Steve Jurvetson/Flickr. Some rights reserved.

The European institutions reached an agreement yesterday (30 November) on a directive that is aimed at better equipping the EU with instruments to counter terrorism. But civil rights groups warned that it risks undermining fundamental freedoms.
Fear of globalisation is the driving force behind right-wing populism and traditional values play less of a role, a recent survey carried out by the Bertelsmann Foundation shows. In view of the rising popularity of right-wing demagogues in many European countries and the US, commentators discuss how to counter right-wing populism.

Renzi’s gamble

James Reynolds reports on the reform referendum that threatens to dump the prime minister who called it.

EU failing on Roma rights

EU led efforts to integrate Roma communities in Europe are failing with poverty and social exclusion pervasive throughout the minority group, according to an EU-rights agency.

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