Eurosphere agenda: “Martin Schulz to run in German election, leaving EU parliament

The head of the European Parliament is to return to German national politics next year.
Martin Schulz is giving up the European Parliament to return to politics
Weber calls for stability after Schulz exit

The leader of the parliament’s centre-right group Manfred Weber urged pro-European groups to rally behind a joint candidate as the assembly’s next president.
Migrants and police clash after Bulgaria’s main refugee centre is temporarily sealed off.

Italy: the next domino to fall

In less than two weeks, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi might become the next victim of the current anti-establishment global trend, as Italians vote on a controversial referendum seen as plebiscite on Renzi himself.

Matteo Renzi – could he be the next victim of the global anti-establishment backlash? PAimages/Pablo Martinez Monsivais. All rights reserved.


Ex-prime ministers Francois Fillon and Alain Juppe both outpolled Sarkozy in the conservative presidential primary
Angela Merkel will run for a fourth term as German chancellor in 2017. She declared that she was running for re-election to defend “our values and way of life”. Thanks above all to a lack of competition she has good chances of winning another term in office, commentators write. However they see expectations that she will become the leader of the free world as overoptimistic.

Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, to seek fourth term

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announces she will run for a fourth term in office.

EU defence in an age of uncertainty and crisis

The refugee crisis, the election of Donald Trump, the UK’s Brexit vote and the ever-present threat of terrorism, mean current conditions seem right for EU governments to take steps toward deeper military coordination or even integration, writes Richard Maher.
Choice of next German president, however ceremonial the office may be, has been seen as a barometer of the political status quo ahead of next year’s elections.

Obama embraces Merkel in Germany visit, wishes EU to stand united

US President Barack Obama gave a strong endorsement of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and used a visit to Berlin yesterday (17 November) to warn Russia about consequences for intervening in the US election and prod Donald Trump to hold firm against Moscow.

Romania and EU agencies smash cybercrime gang

Romanian police have smashed, with the help of European law enforcement agencies, a computer fraud gang accused of stealing millions of euros from unsuspecting victims, officials said Thursday (17 November)
The Hungarian government yesterday (17 November) explained that EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger’s controversial flight to Budapest on board a Kremlin lobbyist’s private jet took place as part of Hungary’s contacts with the businessman.
A report suggests that children run away because their asylum claims have been rejected, and they don’t want to be deported.

Trump-style universities headed for the UK

Britain’s Higher Education Bill paves the way for dodgy universities in the UK.

Screengrab from Last Week Tonight feature on Trump University, fair use.


Migrant crisis: Chios island camp in Greece attacked

A migrant camp on the Greek island of Chios is attacked with petrol bombs, fireworks and stones.

How Europe’s far-right feasts on Trump’s victory

Europe’s refugee and economic crises have created conditions for the far-right to exploit Trump’s success.

How might the election of a centre-right French president affect Brexit negotiations?

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