“Istanbul’s new airport wins design award in Berlin” -Istanbul news roundup…


Someone discovered an affinity between Trump and Istanbul map.
Istanbul’s planned new airport has received a design award at the World Architecture Festival in Berlin

50 migrants escape from resettlement center in Istanbul, set building on fire (VIDEO)

Some 50 migrants, mostly from Afghanistan and Pakistan, have set a refugee resettlement center in Istanbul ablaze and used the fire as an opportunity …

Stolen statue of beloved Istanbul cat returned

Bronze sculpture of Tombili, star of countless internet memes, reappears after social media outcry.
A new exhibition by Koç University’s Research Center for Anatolian Civilization (ANAMED) puts the walls of Istanbul and the surrounding area under the spotlight

High-end Residential Developments Rising Throughout Istanbul

The Tarlabaşı 360, a new mixed-use project in Istanbul which mixes the 19th Century building style of the area with sleek contemporary interiors

e-flux debuts an architectural edition for the Istanbul Design Biennial

As part of the 3rdIstanbul Design Biennial, the newly created e-flux Architecture, a division of the online art publication e-flux, is curating a reading
The first section of Istanbul’s third airport is planned to open in 2018, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said, underlining the economic importance of the government-backed construction projects.

Istanbul Armenian school walls Vandalized with anti-Armenian Graffiti

The exterior walls of the Bomonti Mkhitarian Armenian School of Istanbul were vandalized with anti-Armenian graffiti recently. “One night, we suddenly

The last station: Burhan Sönmez on gentrification, fire and protest in Istanbul

All Turkish authors are destined to write about Istanbul, sooner or later. While doing this very thing, author Sönmez examines the changing face of Turkey’s biggest city

By Burhan Sönmez for The Writing Life Around the World from Electric Literature, part of the Guardian Books Network

The small sculpture erected in memory of Istanbul’s iconic cat “Tombili,” which was stolen on Nov. 8, has been returned to its original spot after a social media outcry

Thousands to run from Asia to Europe in Istanbul Marathon

Thousands of people will meet in Turkey’s biggest city on Nov. 13 to run the Istanbul Marathon, the world’s only road race where people can cross from
Contemporary Istanbul, where several new and good pieces of world and Turkish visual art are being exhibited, was opened with a special activity this week.

Contemporary Istanbul attacked by group

Members of religious groups attacked Turkey’s 11th contemporary art fair, Contemporary Istanbul, late on Nov. 3 in protest over a sculpture that displayed the likeness of Sultan Abdulhamit, an Ottoman sultan known for his conservatism.

Artist withdraws work from Contemporary Istanbul

Turkish artist Ali Elmacı has withdrawn a sculpture of his from the 11th Contemporary Istanbul art festival following an attack on it on Nov. 3.

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