Cyberculture agenda: “Livestreaming Is Transforming Activism Around the World…

In some countries, livestreaming an event can get you thrown in jail. Explore the promise and peril of using your smartphone to fight the power worldwide.

Cameras aren’t just for pictures anymore. They’re for helping computers see the world, and helping us see each other.

Snap Inc. Files for IPO (Report)

Did a Snapbot make a surprise appearance at Securities and Exchange Commission headquarters, or did Snapchat parent Snap Inc. file its initial public offering documents via a more traditional courier?

Lauren Hirsch, Liana B. Baker and Matthew Toole of Reuters reported that Snap Inc. secretly filed for an IPO at some point before Election Day, noting that secret IPO filings are permitted for companies with less than $1 billion in revenue.


Twitter has suspended a number of accounts linked with the alt-right movement after announcing new features and policy changes in a bid to combat abuse on the platform.

Your search history could be an early detector for lung cancer

“You may have lung cancer. Please consult a physician.” That’d very likely be the worst alert you could ever see on your phone, right? In the future, though, it could be a reality. By looking at anonymous search history and cross-referencing it with…
US agencies have 60 days to turn over data related to surveillance of income inequality protesters in Philadelphia.

The Importance of Social Proof in the Digital Space

The consumer purchase process has changed, and influencers now play a much bigger role in boosting your brand message.
It’s no secret that Snap Inc. (aka Snapchat) has been thinking about selling stock to the public, but it looks like it has officially — and quietly — pulled the trigger. According to a report from Reuters the messaging company confidentially filed

Oh coveted mute button. The long-overdue, though recently enabled and then removed new feature from Twitter has finally made its official debut. The ‘muted words’ feature allows users to filter out potentially disturbing content.

The only possible culmination of AI research is packing it neatly inside a synthetic body and having sex with it.

The US-based trade group The Internet Association has released a policy roadmap for Trump’s incoming administration and the GOP-led Congress with proposals “to enable continued growth and success in the internet ecosystem, and in turn, the U.S. economy.


The social network may not want to be a media company, but it must stamp out fake news.

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