Eurosphere agenda: “Trump victory to spur EU military union”

Germany: Trump victory to spur EU military union

Donald Trump’s election as US president, as well as Brexit, ought to speed up plans for EU military integration, Germany’s defence chief says.
Trump to model UK relations on Reagan-Thatcher

Ukip leader Nigel Farage already says he is willing to help Downing Street strengthen the transatlantic bond.
Class, Trump, Brexit, and the decline of the West

In politics, long-term socio-economic trends and global shifts matter more than often overstated ‘progressive’ discourses about equality, progress and freedom.

Bernie Sanders speaks to supporters at a rally in support of the nation’s first universal health-care system, in Boulder, Colo., October 17, 2016. Brennan Linsley/Press Association. All rights reserved.All mainstream European newspapers professed themselves “shocked” by Trump’s victory. Representing large swathes of liberal and institutional elites, they expressed fears that his presidency will be destabilising and adventurist for both sides of the Atlantic.

The European Union is extremely worried by Turkey’s arrest of Kurdish opposition lawmakers and has called a meeting of EU national envoys in Ankara, its foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said on Friday (4 November).
More than 200 migrants are believed drowned in two shipwrecks off the Libyan coast, officials say.

What does today’s Article 50 ruling mean for the Government’s Brexit plans?

What does today’s Article 50 ruling mean for the Government’s Brexit plans?

The Dutch populist politician Geert Wilders goes on trial in the Netherlands on hate speech charges on Monday.
Thousands are in makeshift and temporary accommodation after central Italy’s latest earthquake.

Italy quake: Aerial footage of devastation

Aerial footage shows the damage to villages in central Italy after a 6.6-magnitude earthquake.

Italy quake: At least 15,000 in temporary shelters

Italian authorities say at least 15,000 are in temporary shelters after Sunday’s earthquake.

The EU needs London’s financial wizardry

As a result of the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the EU, its position as the continent’s main financial hub has been called into question. But downgrading London’s status could decrease the EU’s share of global trade even further, warns Philip Geddes.

Muslims stage protest prayers near Rome’s Colosseum

Organisers staged demonstrations after authorities closed down five makeshift mosques on administrative grounds.

CETA shows that Europe can shape globalisation

Trade will happen with or without trade agreements, but with the signing of CETA, the EU and Canada are showing the way forward in shaping globalisation, writes Cecilia Malmström.
After being held up by objections from Belgian farmers, controversial deal marks first EU agreement with a G7 country.
Criticised by Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker during the signature of CETA, the president of Walloon party CDH, Benoît Lutgen, has repeated that there had been insinuations about negative consequences for the region if it continued to veto the trade treaty with Canada.

EU, Canada sign historic trade deal amid protests

After seven years of negotiations, and a bumpy final landing, the European Union and Canada signed a landmark trade deal on Sunday (30 October).

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