Istanbul news roundup: “US orders evacuation of Istanbul diplomatic staff families”

US orders evacuation of Istanbul diplomatic staff families

The US State Department has ordered the families of American diplomats in Istanbul, Turkey, to leave due to an increased risk of terrorism following … – Jul 29, 2015 > Passports & International Travel > Alerts and Warnings > Turkey Travel Warning Thank you for sending a link to the page to the following email(s): Email a link to this page on To:


ISTANBUL AS TOURIST DESTINATION: Turkish Airlines spreads ‘the good news’ after coup storm

When on October 18, four Nigerian journalists were taken on board Turkish Airlines for a flight to Istanbul, it was like what the airline would want to do

Contemporary Istanbul Tests Turkish Market Rocked by Terrorism and Coup Attempt

Over its 11-year history, Contemporary Istanbul (CI) has experienced the ebbs and flows of the country’s art market, from ebullient peaks in 2012 to

8 things you must try while in Istanbul

Istanbul – Having just returned from a work trip to Istanbul courtesy of Turkish Airlines, the sights, sounds, and smells of Turkey’s largest city remains

Besiktas stadium & Istanbul city guide

Besiktas were founded in 1903 making them the oldest sports club out of the Istanbul juggernauts but their football team dates to seven years later …

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