Journalism agenda: “10 video formats to tell stories from your mobile phone”

Mobile journalism expert Robb Montgomery explains the wide range of videos that can be produced by reporters for social media
The murky future of Hungary’s private media

We take a look at the bleak picture presented by members of Hungary’s private media and the future of press freedom.

The New School launched its Design + Journalism undergraduate degree program two years ago with an ambitious, yet straightforward mission: to teach journalists to think like designers — and vice versa — in the hopes of rethinking how stories are presented online.

Now, a fresh $2.6 million in funding (half of which will come from the Knight Foundation, which also helps fund Nieman Lab) will help the New School expand its program to other journalism programs in the U.S.:

Longform mobile journalism: Why one reporter produced an entire documentary using mobile devices

Spanish television journalist Leonor Suarez shares the benefits and the challenges she encountered while creating a 50-minute history documentary using her mobile phone and tablet
Are we living in a post-fact world where audiences are happier to bask in constructs of their own acceptable realities?

A lawyer for the New York Times just issued  a letter back to a lawyer for Donald Trump.

The new tag will point out fact-checking coverage alongside news stories and in-depth features in Google News search results
Duncan Hooper, editor of digital platforms at Euronews, explains what the organisation has learned since getting started with immersive storytelling

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