After months of infighting Jeremy Corbyn has been re-elected as the leader of the Labour Party with 61.8 percent of the vote. Corbyn had come under pressure from within his party among other things because he didn’t endorse the UK remaining in the EU. Commentators speculate on how his re-election will influence the Brexit negotiations.
UK: Jeremy Corbyn wins Labour leadership contest

Veteran socialist wins second mandate to run opposition party after bitter, summer-long battle within the Labour party.
Jeremy Corbyn vows to give more say over policy-making to grass-roots Labour supporters as one union leader urges critical MPs to stop “knifing” their leader.
Distracted by a bitter leadership contest, Britain’s main opposition Labour party has struggled to present a vision of Brexit to challenge the ruling Conservatives – and many fear the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn will do little to change this.
Germany’s agricultural challenges

Despite its small size relative to the country’s GDP, agriculture is a political heavyweight with the German government. With far-reaching changes to the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy about to take effect, looks at the implications for the German agricultural sector.

Debate: Rome vetos bid for Olympics

Rome’s Mayor Virginia Raggi has vetoed the city’s bid for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games. Submitting a bid for the Games would be irresponsible and would only benefit the construction lobby at the expense of the people, the mayor said. Italian columnists express their disappointment.
Tens of thousands of protesters hit the streets of the Polish capital Warsaw Saturday (24 September) to rally against moves by the rightwing Law and Justice (PiS) government that they say undermine the rule of law.
Barcelona: city of refuge

Barcelona seeks to welcome refugees and migrants into the fabric of the city, but its efforts have been stymied by the national government.

Ignasi Calbó and Ramón Sanahuja discuss the division of labour between local and national actors when it comes to welcoming refugees. Duration: 2:09.

Toward a more reasonable European asylum system

National governments must cede some control over immigration to EU-level institutions if migrants are ever to be received and dealt with humanely.

Anna Terrón Cusí explains the need for an EU-level system for assessing and distributing asylum seekers. Duration: 1:37

Cameron Thibos: What are the main political challenges to dealing with the migration challenge productively?

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