School year starts with thousands of teachers fired… A news roundup…

Millions of students are starting the new school year on Sept. 19 across Turkey after a three-month summer break. Over 18 million students will start the school year, while nearly 900,000 teachers will be on duty

Court frees assailant who attacked woman for wearing shorts in Istanbul

A court in Istanbul released on Sept.18 an assailant who attacked and injured a young woman on a public bus for wearing shorts, a charge that was admitted by the attacker, who claimed the victim’s outfit was “not appropriate”

Turkey builds nearly 9,000 mosques in 10 years

Nearly 9,000 mosques have been built over the last decade in Turkey, according to statistics released by Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate (Diyanet)
Turkey’s writers and artists continue to resist against all difficulties, struggling in an environment of terror, political turmoil and government pressure, according to veteran journalist Doğan Hızlan
With the film “Canım Kardeşim” (My Dear Brother) from the year of 1973 being the first movie I remember watching from beginning to end on a TV screeen, which starred the late Tarık Akan, the handsome actor is buried in the childhood memories of a majority of Turkish people
Turkey’s Islamic Fashion Revolution

As Europe grapples with the burkini, Islamic dress in Turkey has become a symbol of religious freedom, and the nation has fostered fashion houses, magazines and bloggers.

Turkey’s female labor force participation rate in 1990 was 34%, in 2014 29% (World Bank).

The following is from the Turkish Statistical Institute (see this link for other interesting indicators for women’s lives, including literacy rates, marriage age, income disparity, household labor, violence, political participation):

Female employment rate was half of male employment rate

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