Journalism agenda: It seems that WashPost Making History by its Call for Prosecution of Its Own Source in the Snowden case…

Three of the four media outlets that received and published large numbers of secret NSA documents provided by Edward Snowden — The Guardian, the New York Times, and The Intercept –– have called for the U.S. government to allow the NSA whistleblower to return to the U.S. with no charges. That’s the normal course for a news organization, which owes its sources duties of protection, and which — by virtue of accepting the source’s materials and then publishing them — implicitly declares the source’s information to be in the public interest.

Zach Seward, senior vice-president of product and executive editor, explained the “conversational interface” behind the Quartz app at the ONA conference in Denver
Doxxing – the public posting of journalists’ personal information – is a real threat, especially to those writing about certain issues
The team discussed how they approached eyewitness media and graphic content, speaking at the ONA conference in Denver

Gawken: The Gawker replacement you need to read

A satirical website has launched that will help you push through your grief over the loss of the anti-establishment hero, Gawker.

Looking for a guide to organise digital training in your newsroom, or an app for distributing news to your readers’ smartphones? This collection of tools has you covered

From analyzing a book’s prospects to figuring out what subjects people are clamoring for, data is bigger in publishing than ever. But how much is too much?

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