Journalism agenda: Nieman Lab Lounge Slack to talk about the ONA16 conference #ONA2016

This week, most of the Nieman Lab staff is in Denver for ONA 2016, a massive three-day gathering with well over a thousand attendees, multiple simultaneous sessions morning to evening, and receptions and parties every night. Even if you’re there, it’s impossible to keep up with everything.

Washington Post politics reporter David Fahrenthold is trying to find evidence of Donald Trump’s charitable donations, but he’s running out of paper.

Since early May, Fahrenthold has painstakingly chased Trump’s claims of giving millions of dollars of his own money to charities. So far, the investigation hasn’t turned up much evidence of that. Fahrenthold has contacted over 350 charities over the past few months, a process that he’s methodically tracked on 12 sheets of legal paper using three different colors of pen. He’s periodically posted the list to Twitter in an effort to both crowdsource suggestions on where to search next and to add a layer of transparency to his entire reporting process.

The Leading European Newspaper Alliance (LENA) is giving journalists ‘free hand to find stories from the sidelines, which usually go under-reported due to a lack of resources,’ said president Javier Moreno Barber
A group of news outlets have been testing the product since December, and the player is now open to all European publishers

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