As Turkey’s @EuphratesShield continues, “Turkey’s cabinet, businesspeople to launch international PR campaign in bid to improve country’s image…

Turkey’s economy ministries and a number of top businesspeople have decided to launch a comprehensive PR campaign to try to improve the country’s image abroad, following a series of negative recent events
Exclusive footage shows the offensive in which Syrian rebels, backed by Turkey, retook the border town of Jarablus from so-called Islamic State.

Turkish forces shell Syrian Kurdish YPG group near Jarablus

The Turkish military, which has entered Syrian town of Jarablus as part of the Euphrates Shield operation to back Syrian rebels sweep Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants off the border, hit the YPG by artillery fire
Civilians are paying the price for the competing interests of parties to the conflictIt is hard to anticipate whether Turkey’s unprecedented military incursion into Syria this week will change the dynamics of the multiple wars that have ravaged the region and put civilians through hell. If things already seemed complicated in the Middle East, they may have just become even more so. What started on Wednesday ranks as the largest Turkish military operation inside Syrian territory since the civil war began five years ago. A dozen tanks, reportedly followed by a bus transporting Syrian rebels, rolled into northern Syria to drive Islamic State forces from the town of Jarablus, one of their last footholds on the Turkish-Syrian border. Today Turkey sent more tanks in and told the YPG Kurdish armed group it had one week to retreat from the border areas.

Turkey plays its part in fighting Isis | Letter from the Turkish embassy in London

As an active member of the anti-Daesh coalition, and being far from indifferent, Turkey’s substantial contributions to the prevention of supplies and curbing the flow of foreign fighters in line with the international efforts are a well-known fact (Turkey’s leaders sat back as Isis took hold. Now its people are paying the price, 23 August). Turkey has participated in the coalition’s military campaign planning from day one, and has allowed its airbases and airspace to be used by coalition aircraft for both combat and non-combat roles, including intelligence gathering and personnel recovery. Moreover, Turkey has been striking Daesh targets since the beginning through air, artillery and other assets, and has eliminated more than 1,300 Daesh elements in Syria and Iraq. Turkey’s efforts to clear Daesh from its borders and ultimately defeat this threat in its close neighbourhood will continue unabated. This must be evident from the operation launched today by the Turkish armed forces.


Turkey and US unite to oust Isis and curb Kurds

Joe Biden reassured Ankara, but it is unclear how Washington’s Kurdish proxies will react to his demand that they step back

Turkish tanks have moved rapidly through the Syrian town of Jarablus on Wednesday, ousting Islamic State from one of its last border strongholds – but the most important outcome in Ankara’s eyes was beating the US-backed Kurdish fighters in a race to seize the surrounding area.

Why do some Turks hate the Gülenist movement so much?

Erdoğan’s purge of ex-allies blamed for failed coup bid has its critics, but many Turks remember the ruthless rise of the cleric’s followers

In 2008, his last year of military high school in the western city of Bursa, Mehmet Koç noticed that things were changing in the Turkish army. The school had just been handed over from the army to the air force, and a new group of commanders took over the education of the cadets.

The German military is preparing for a possible withdrawal of six Tornado reconnaissance jets from Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base given Ankara’s continued refusal to allow German lawmakers to visit the facility, Der Spiegel magazine reported on Aug. 25

Turkey requests extradition of Fethullah Gülen but not for coup attempt, says US

  • State Department did not specify what the Turkish cleric was being sought for
  • Joe Biden expected to meet Erdoğan on Wednesday in wake of foiled plot

The US has confirmed it has received a formal extradition request from Ankara for the Turkish cleric Fethullah Gülen, but not over the July coup attempt the Turkish authorities has accused Gülen of orchestrating.


Photographs showing top commanders, including Chief of General Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar, being forcibly abducted by pro-coup soldiers at the military headquarters, was broadcast by Turkish broadcaster Haber 7 on Aug. 23

Turkey’s Great Purge

Is President Erdogan crushing his critics or addressing a real threat to the Turkish state?
After exhaustion of domestic remedies upon Constitutional Court dismissing the suit regarding Roboski massacre, the case has been brought before the European Court of Human Rights with application by 281 claimants.

European commission due to report on whether Turkey has done enough to gain visa-free travel to Schengen zone

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