From the European front: “Wallström stands by controversial Turkey sex abuse tweets… “German ministry calls Turkey key Islamist platform…

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström has stood behind her recent tweets claiming that Turkey recently legalized sex with children, which led to diplomatic tension between Ankara and Stockholm
An article on sexual abuse actions committed against children under the age of 15 has been annulled on technical legal grounds, Turkey’s Constitutional Court said in a statement released on Aug. 15
The recent crisis between Turkey and the EU countries of Austria and Sweden over the Turkish top court’s annulment of an article concerning sexual actions against children has flared up with Swedish PM Stefan Lövfen’s entry into the debate, but it has emerged that the issue that led to rising tensions on a diplomatic level was the result of miscommunication between officials

German ministry calls Turkey key Islamist platform: Report

The German government said in a confidential document obtained by The Associated Press on Aug. 16 that Turkey has become “the central platform of action for Islamist groups” in the Middle East
German officials have issued contradicting statements over a leaked government report saying Turkey is a “hub for Islamist groups”
Turkey could walk away from its promise to stem the flow of illegal migrants to Europe if the EU fails to grant Turks visa-free travel to the bloc in October, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told a German newspaper.
Amid ongoing strains related to the recent attempted military coup in Turkey, tension between the two Aegean neighbors has flared up upon the Greek president’s call for a “sincere apology” from Ankara for what Athens describes as the “Pontic genocide.”

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