Beware Gamers! GTA 4 cheat codes might be declared as code words for coup plans… – Carl Bildt – Aug 2, 8:21 AM

Is Brussels asleep, or just ignorant? That’s the question being asked after European leaders responded tepidly to the attempted military coup in Turkey on July 15. Imagine the rebellious military units had succeeded, and some sort of – Aug 2, 6:47 PM

Responding to a speech today by Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in which he criticized Amnesty International’s findings that some people detained in connection with Turkey’s failed coup attempt had been beaten and tortured, Salil…


Erdogan and social media: use and abuse
Deutsche Welle
On Tuesday, the country’s broadcasting regulator canceled licenses for all radio and television stations linked to Gulen’s movement. Turkey’s Board of Higher Education has also ordered all 1,577 university deans nationwide to resign on Tuesday afternoon.


To brand Recep Tayyip Erdoğan a dictator and blame him for all Turkey’s woes would be foolish and, from a western perspective, counterproductive
The fallout from last week’s failed coup in Ankara spells trouble for Nato, Europe and the president’s foes

Hails Hanci arrested in Black Sea province of Trabzon and described by security forces as ‘right-hand man’ of US-based cleric, who has been blamed for recent coup attempt

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