Journalism agenda: “Starting in online investigations with open-source intelligence… “Mobile journalism experts to follow on Twitter…

Myself and others at First Draft frequently receive emails from a whole range of people asking how they can start doing the sort of online open-source investigation and verification that they’ve seen us doing. The skills and methodologies used are all something that can be learnt through a little persistence, but here are a few pieces of advice to get you started.


Young and old news consumers want to get their news in very different ways, says Pew

Forget their differing opinions on marriage, home ownership, and politics: the most telling differences between the younger and older people is how they prefer to get their news.

An essential list of mobile journalism trainers and practitioners to follow for tips and advice
Get your fix of mojo apps, tools and techniques every Monday here at, as well as articles chronicling its development in news organisations around the world
Remember this advice each time you use the social network

Bloomberg Media and Twitter announced a partnership to livestream select programs from Bloomberg TV — extending the network’s reach beyond itsrelatively small TV audience and furthering the social network’s aim to be the home for live content.

Tip: 4 ways to get a happier Snapchat audience

Take note of these points which will you help master the social media platform
‘Why aren’t we – the media – giving our readers the tools they need to come to an informed opinion?’

Talk to enough investors, venture capitalists, or finance reporters and you’ll eventually hear someone complain about the use of gross domestic product (GDP), which many say is an incomplete way to measure today’s economy.

Micah Gelman, director of editorial video, explains why news organisations should keep an open mind about vertical video

As media companies look for ways to make audio go viral, The Economist is joining other publishers in trying its hand at audiograms — video clips rendered from its podcasts in order to be shareable, bite-sized versions of the full-length content. This week, social media writer Jenni Reid shared some of the publication’s findings from its experiments:

Snapchat on Wednesday unveiled Snapchat Memories, a new feature that lets users save and share snaps and other photos and video that they have saved to their phones.

While some said Memories would make Snapchat more addictive and others fretted that it would ruin the app’s spontaneity, the new functionality will also likely change how news organizations use the app.

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