Eurosphere agenda: Jeremy Corbyn the Labor leadership vote…

LONDON — In the world of UK politics, there are few burns quite as fiery as the 404 error page burn.

UK PM Cameron to hand over to May

David Cameron says it has been a “privilege to serve” the UK as he prepares to leave No 10 for the final time as prime minister and hand over to Theresa May.

UK Labour leader wins vote on leadership rules

Jeremy Corbyn will be automatically included on the ballot in the leadership contest against Angela Eagle, Labour’s National Executive Committee rules.

Austerity and the mediated networks of solidarity in Greece

An aura of political creativity and a sense of ‘media justice’ have emerged in Greece; evolving communication practices have shaped the nature and character of solidarity.

The participants at the Nato summit in Warsaw have agreed to station 4,000 soldiers in Poland and the Baltic states to protect these countries from aggression from Moscow. Commentators discuss the military alliance’s preoccupation with Russia, which some see as unjustified.
The EU finance ministers are discussing Italy’s plans to bail out the Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena with taxpayers’ money. This would be a breach of EU banking rules according to which the owners and creditors must agree to pay part of the costs of a bailout. Do the rules really need to be adjusted?
The former president of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso has been hired to work in London for US investment bank Goldman Sachs. Should the EU ban such career jumps to prevent its credibility from being damaged?
The Euro 2016 has ended with the victory of the Portuguese team. Commentators disagree: does football help to overcome crises?

Chilcot Report: Tony Blair Told George W. Bush, “If We Win Quickly, Everyone Will Be Our Friend.”

The Chilcot Report, the U.K.’s official inquiry into its participation in the Iraq War, has finally been released after seven years of investigation.

Its executive summary certainly makes former Prime Minister Tony Blair, who led the British push for war, look terrible. According to the report, Blair made statements about Iraq’s nonexistent chemical, biological, and nuclear programs based on “what Mr. Blair believed” rather than the intelligence he had been given. The U.K. went to war despite the fact that “diplomatic options had not been exhausted.” Blair was warned by British intelligence that terrorism would “increase in the event of war, reflecting intensified anti-US/anti-Western sentiment in the Muslim world, including among Muslim communities in the West.”

Prior to the UK’s EU membership referendum, a pro-Brexit activist named William Oliver Healey set up a petition on the Parliamentary petition site (which guarantees that the government will “respond” to any petition with more than 100,000 signatures) calling for the referendum to be re-run if the outcome was closer than 60%:40% or if voter turnout was less than 75%

Eleven years ago today, three suicide bombers attacked the London subway and a bus and killed 51 people. Almost immediately, it was obvious that retaliation for Britain’s invasion and destruction of Iraq was a major motive for the attackers.

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