#Firuzağa Radiohead Istanbul Event Attacked while it was broadcasted through Periscope and the Mayor blames the victims…

Ahmet Misbah Demircan, Beyoğlu Mayor, blamed the victims as they were consuming alcohol during Ramadhan and they have broadcasted the attack:


rollingstone.com – Daniel Kreps – Jun 17, 6:39 PM

Radiohead have issued a statement after A Moon Shaped Pool album release party in Istanbul, Turkey turned violent when a group of men, angry that the event coincided with Ramadan, accosted employees and customers at Velvet IndieGround Records. ‘Our



Today, Radiohead is holding a streaming event to celebrate the release of A Moon Shaped Pool at record stores across the globe. According to Turkish news media, Velvet IndieGround Records in Istanbul was attacked while the Radiohead event was



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