#LoveWins You WILL LOSE! “Governor’s Office bans LGBT Pride march in Istanbul

İstanbul Governorate has declared it is not going to permit the Pride Parades. While İstanbul LGBTI+ Pride Week Committee has found the decision unlawful, Trans Pride Week Committee said they won’t recognize the prohibition.
The Istanbul Governor’s Office has announced that it will not allow the LGBT Pride March, which was set to take place between June 19 and June 26 in Istanbul’s Taksim Square, citing security concerns and public order
In her message she has sent to the Pride Parade Committee, Sezen Aksu has noted “No kind of violence can ever separate anyone from their nature or beliefs. Sooner or later love wins”.
SPoD LGBTI says “While we continue our struggle with love, we ask you to stand by us against the ones who try to intimidate us with hate speech and threats”.

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