Eurosphere agenda: “Two fifths of Europeans are digitally illiterate… “#EURO2016 begins…

Two fifths of Europeans are digitally illiterate

The European Commission wants to sink the 40% average of people who have little or no ability to use technology.
The Euro 2016 European football championship kicks off on Friday. A security force of 90,000 police, soldiers and private security agents will be deployed to ensure safety at the event. Never before has there been such a focus on security at a football championship. The press also hopes the matches will play out without incident – not least because this would calm tensions in the host country.

Both campaigns in Britain’s European referendum are build on thin theories which utterly fail to understand each other.

The average temperature in Strasbourg is 20C image by Unknown – Reproduction number: LC-DIG-ppmsca-00017 from Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division


The government in London has extended the deadline for registering for the EU referendum by two days due to technical problems. With two weeks to go before the vote on June 23, Brexit and Bremain are almost neck and neck in the polls. For both the UK and the EU the referendum provides a good opportunity to launch vital debates, commentators point out.
Gas: Europe’s smart choice for heating

Natural gas has dramatically changed the way we heat our homes, businesses and schools, enabling us to live comfortably without emptying our wallets. And we do so while at the same time not compromising the environment.

Tribes of Paris

In most cities, different neighbourhoods have a different character and those who live in them can develop tribal loyalties. Hugh Schofield explains how it works in Paris.
European countries relying on finance as a source of revenue are becoming increasingly concerned about Brexit, according to search data from Google. And with good reason: rating agency S&P has highlighted just how sensitive their economies are to the UK. EurActiv France reports.

Spanish election: Look left for the key battleground


Spanish election: Look left for the key battleground

Debate: Protest party dominates Italy’s local elections

Prime Minister Renzi’s Democratic Party has suffered major losses in the first round of Italy’s mayoral elections. Rome and other big cities could soon be led by candidates from the protest party Movimento Cinque Stelle. Commentators hold Renzi personally responsible for his party’s losses and urge him to continue with his reform agenda.

Everywhere, people are increasingly hostile towards whoever wants them to vote just for the sake of stability and out of fear of a jump into the unknown.

Norway teaches migrants about Western women

Should migrants be taught how to treat women?

Euroscepticism on rise, poll suggests

Euroscepticism is on the rise in 10 nations in the EU, a new poll suggests, though a slim majority of respondents remain favourable to the institution.

Refugee deaths in Mediterranean hit 10,000

More than 10,000 people have died crossing the Mediterranean to Europe since 2014, the UN said yesterday (7 June), as the EU unveiled fresh plans to stem the migrant flow from Africa.
Austria’s far right Freedom Party lodges a challenge to last month’s presidential poll, which it narrowly lost, citing numerous irregularities.

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