Istanbul calm after a day of earthquake, ferry accident, deadly car bomb… Istanbul news roundup…

Car Bomb in Istanbul Kills 11

Explosives in a parked car were detonated by remote control as a police shuttle bus passed through the historic quarter of Beyazit during rush hour.
Amateur video shows the wreckage from an explosion in the city center on Tuesday, as bombers targeted a police shuttle bus, killing 11 people.

At least 11 people have been killed in Istanbul in a bomb attack on Tuesday morning. The explosion was on a busy road intersection in the Vezneciler district near Istanbul University and the Grand Bazaar. The Istanbul city governor, Vasip Şahin, says a car was packed with explosives and detonated next to a bus carrying riot police. Of the victims, seven were police officers and four civilians

Three people were wounded as a result of a ferry crash at Istanbul’s Sirkeci wharf on June 7

4 detained after car bomb kills 11 in Istanbul

(CNN) Four people have been detained in connection with a car bomb attack targeting a police bus that killed 11 people Tuesday in Istanbul, Turkey’s …

Eleven killed in Istanbul car bomb explosion

(CNN) At least 11 people were killed — seven policemen and four civilians — and 36 injured when a car bomb targeted a police bus in the historic .

In Istanbul’s Taxis, Buckling Up Is an Insult

What’s the matter, don’t you trust my driving? You must be from out of town. (And, please, pay no attention to the speedometer.)

In Istanbul, drummers keep ancient Ramadan tradition alive

ISTANBUL (AP) — In the dark of night, when the streets of Istanbul enjoy a rare moment of quiet, Ali Buldu sets out beating his drum to wake up his …

Istanbul’s Charismatic Street Cats in Focus in New Film “Kedi”

Documentary director Ceyda Torun talks about the cats of Istanbul as well as the spiritual and emotional aspects of cat-human relationship

Syria’s Gypsy refugees find sanctuary in an Istanbul ghetto – but for how long?

In Istanbul’s oldest slum, home to many refugees, the Syrian Dom community still face almost universal discrimination. One NGO is providing support

Reflections From a Winter Visit to Istanbul

In mid-December of 2015, I leave New York to go to Istanbul for the holidays. It doesn’t take long before I’m sucked into the stress that comes with

First Stop: Somer Sivrioglu’s Istanbul

So my culinary Istanbul is quite different than that of most chefs from the area. I prefer my side to Karşı (across) in food, football and lifestyle. Here are .

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