After all, “Erdoğan approves ‘benchmark law,’ EU sources say visa liberalization to be delayed…

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has approved a law on forming a panel to monitor the discipline of law enforcement officials

Turkey-EU refugees deal may be biggest casualty of Erdoğan supremacy

Forced departure of pro-EU PM comes at particularly bad time for Syria and will add to EU unease with strongman president

One of the biggest casualties of the power struggle at the top of Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development party (AKP) may be the critically important deal with the EU on stemming the unprecedented flow of refugees to Europe from Syria’s civil war.

Viral photo of woman defying neo-Nazis

A photograph of activist Tess Asplund with her fist raised defying a march of neo-Nazis in Sweden has gone viral.
TTIP: we were right all along

Attacked and ridiculued, the leak of 243 pages of TTIP negotiations concerning climate, environment and public health prove that civil society organisations were right all along.

The IMF’s Greek debt options: what do they all mean?

By Mehreen Khan in London

The International Monetary Fund’s latest recommendations on Greek debt reliefhave leaked.

Yesterday, ahead of the latest meeting of eurozone finance ministers on May 24, the IMF repeated it would take part in Greece’s €86bn bailout only if its European partners could prove “the numbers add up”.

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