Journalism agenda: “a comprehensive guide to Snapchat for journalists…

Are your Snapchat stories the best they can be?
The publisher is using virtual reality to bring back to life the historical collection of the Mosul Museum, destroyed by the so-called Islamic State

Medium announced a new set of tools for publishers on Tuesday. The features, which will roll out on Thursday, have attracted a number of mostly smaller existing publishers — including The Awl and The Hairpin, Pacific Standard, andMonday Note — who will migrate their content to the platform.

“Social media hasn’t just swallowed journalism, it has swallowed everything,” Emily Bell declared in a lecture at the University of Cambridge a few weeks ago. She was talking about giant platforms and in large part about Facebook, which has rolled out (and continues to roll out) features that have news organizations scrambling to take advantage. First, it was Instant Articles — available soon to everyone on April 12. Now, it’s Facebook Live.

Editor’s note: There are lots of new stories to read in the newest issue of our sister publication Nieman Reports. In this piece, Michael Fitzgerald writes about how newsrooms can (and should) design their websites with accessibility in mind.

Elizabeth Campbell doesn’t see the web; she hears it.


The Online News Association recently launched the Social Newsgathering Ethicscode. That code*, created over the period of more than three years, brings publishers, broadcasters and journalistic institutions together under a common set of standards for operating in this arena.

ONA launches set of guidelines to support news organisations working with eyewitness media

The Social Newsgathering Ethics Code, revealed by the Online News Association in London today, has been in the works for three years
Co-founder Natalia Viana shares insights into what it’s like to work with a majority-female investigative team in Brazil
You may have access to leaked files, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have a story

First Draft News frequently mentions the importance of setting up proper searches for newsgathering, and more precisely how TweetDeck can be a very powerful tool to monitor news on Twitter. In this piece, I will focus on a crucial aspect of successful search on Twitter: search operators. This term refers to characters, or strings of characters, that tell the engine to search in a specific way.


Check out this guide for using Twitter’s search operators to source and monitor newsworthy tweets

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