Basic ID information of 50 M Turkish citizens are out there and the minister says it is an “old story”

The hack seemed to have happened by 2009. However, since we do not change our birth place, or father name or ID number, the data is still valid and thus causing anxiety. Even the minister’s personal data is out there. I checked mine. It is there, too:(
Website is down
but the mirror works: 
Turkey’s communications minister has denied reports of a massive data leak containing the personal information of nearly 50 million Turkish citizens, saying the leak was an “old story” from 2010, as allegations triggered concerns over personal data protection
Hack Brief: Turkey Breach Spills Info on More Than Half Its Citizens

Though the database is from 2008, privacy activists say it still represents a serious exposure of sensitive information for most of the nation.

Hackers have posted a database online that seems to contain the personal information of nearly 50 million Turkish citizens in what is one of the largest public leaks of its kind

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