#RefugeeCrisis -An Alevite village resists in Maraş fearing the camp will become a Jihadist training camp…


Turkish government uses the refugee crisis for social engineering. Planned refugee camps seem to be located near regions where anti-AKP citizens are in majority. That includes an Alevite village in Maraş. Alevites in Maraş were subjected to a major sectarian massacre in 1978.


Ben Jennings on the EU-Turkey migration deal – cartoon
Ben Jennings on the EU-Turkey migration deal – cartoon

Europe’s migrants, Turkey’s problem
POLITICO.euOn March 18, as Turkey and the EU were sealing the deal in Brussels, Turkish security forces were setting up roadblocks and checkpoints along the road leading to the resort town. They started patrolling the beaches and bays around Dikili, and launched …

Greece may have deported asylum seekers by mistake, says UN

Thirteen of 202 people returned to Turkey under EU migration deal may not have had chance to claim for asylum

Some of the first people to be deported from Greece under the terms of the EU-Turkey migration deal may not have been given the chance to claim for asylum, the UN refugee agency has said.

Short migrant journey back to Turkey

Short migrant journey back to Turkey
First boats carrying people from Greece to Turkey arrive as part of controversial deal to stem flow of people to Europe.
The first refugees have been returned under the EU-Turkey deal, and there are already concerns about coercion and force being usedToday had been declared the first day that migrants and refugees would be deported from Greece within the framework of the EU-Turkey deal, and European authorities seemed determined not to miss the date. So as of Sunday, Greek police, along with the EU border agency Frontex, organised a large-scale operation to ensure the smooth handling of today’s returns from the islands of Chios and Lesbos.


EU-Turkey deal begins as Syrian refugees arrive in Germany and Finland

Three planes from Turkey, carrying a total of 43 people, land as part of migrant-exchange agreement

The first refugees to be brought into the EU under a migrant-exchange deal with Turkey have arrived in Germany and Finland.


No Syrian refugees were present in the first group of migrants that arrived back in Turkey on Monday, Volkan Bozkir, the European affairs minister for Turkey, said.
Click through to see our selection of images showing the arrival in Turkey of the first migrants under the EU deal


European citizens see the migration crisis as the biggest threat to the EU, ahead of the threat of terrorism, a recent survey has found. Climate change has been pushed to the bottom of the pile.
One country after another is closing its borders and there’s still no sign of a joint European response to the refugee crisis. Thousands of migrants are gathering on the border in Greece, unable to enter Macedonia. Macedonian security forces near the village of Idomeni used tear gas to hold them back. Commentators warn that Greece could implode and see the continent gripped by panic.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel defended her refugee policy in a talk show on Sunday. She said cooperation with Turkey and a pan-European solution remained the cornerstones of her policy. Can she stick to her course?

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